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Artist Statement

In my figure paintings I strive for an aura of magic and mystery tempered with a subjective, but believable dose of reality.  The viewer senses a comprehension of human anatomy, but finds that the aesthetics of paint dominate the visual image.  Paint describes the light reflecting from the surfaces of the subjects and compositional elements.  When I begin a new painting I am never in full understanding of the final image.  The working journey towards completion is fraught with deviations as I close in on my projected concepts.    


 All my work is narrative.  It is about the human condition, the feelings of joy, loss, fear, and loneliness.  A unique figure painting is much more than simply rendering a realistic or photographic likeness of the subject; it is a unique point of view, a strong color sensibility that contributes to mystery and structure, and an unpredictable but utterly believable use of pigment to describe the anatomy of the human or animal form.

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